We all get caught in doing things the same way and assuming our way is best out of habit.

This week I had a reminder of this from watching my 10 year old son empty a dishwasher!

It is something he rarely does but I happened to be sitting watching him.  When he put the cutlery away he picked up the cutlery holder by its’ handle and carried it from our utility room to the kitchen and put the stuff away.  Sounds sensible, yet neither my wife or I do it this way.  We pick all the cutlery out and hold it in our hands to carry it through.

I have to admit as I watched him doing it I nearly did the parent thing of shouting at him, “what are you doing, that’s not how you do it”.  Fortunately I realised to bite my tongue in time.

Next time I went to empty the dishwater I naturally went to do it my way and then remembered his method and thought I’d give it a try.  Guess what?  It’s better and simpler and actually due to that handle that is on it is probably the obvious way to do it.

So in a sport like triathlon that is evolving constantly with methods and technology remember to step back and reflect every now and then.  Take a look around at what others are doing and you may learn something.

If emptying a dishwater with bad technique can be improved think of the endless possibilities we have across our sport.

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