….Well probably not what most people what describe as unfit but I have definitely dropped off.

I did the Scottish Sprint Championship at the weekend and had one of my worst feeling runs of the year.  Since getting my qualifying place I have switched off.  This is more of a mental recovery than a physical one but has had a big impact.  I have been going out training but without any firm written plan and rather aimlessly.  It has been enjoyable, beneficial in some ways and detrimental in others.

I finished the race having really enjoyed it and feeling frustrated.  The course suited me well (I wouldn’t have been competing to win) and I could have done better.  It has been a good wake up though for getting organised for next year.

It is now time to start building on my weak areas whilst I have the time.  My swim I still think I have the potential to make big gains on and my run smaller ones.  My bike I know I can get strong quickly when needed.

Holiday starts in 2 weeks.  Sunshine and a pool AND A WRITTEN PLAN!

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