Unfortunately as much as I hate to admit I am getting old and weaker.  There is plenty of information and advice to be found online that after 40 age starts to take its toll on your muscles.

Last year I still knew this and did nothing about it.  Whilst I would have been advising any athlete I coached to be in the gym I conveniently ignored it for myself as I tried to fit in more swim and run sessions.  This year I’m not going to make the same mistake.

I went into the gym last night with no real structure at the moment but just to see what was available and to do a general all body work out.  Once I get my training plan written I will get this more focused.

…and I really enjoyed it.  Put on some headphones and some music and away you go.  It’s also far easier now with Bluetooth headphones and no wires to interfere with anything and a phone sitting in your bag in the corner of the gym.  This probably shows how long it was since I went to the gym.

For the most part I did body weight exercises and the only equipment I used was a medicine ball and a swiss ball so in fact it could all be done easily at home.  I just find it easier to get motivated when I “go outside” to train.

My main focus as I build my S&C plan is going to be core stability and power.  For the power part I will look to add more weight training in and I will spend some time in the gym next time getting a feel for where I am on max weights to help build the program.

What do I hope to achieve?

Better body position for longer throughout the swim and run

Increased leg strength for managing the run better and faster

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