Dealing with Disappointment

So far this season has been different for me from last where I qualified for Team GB for the first time.  I have done 2 race qualifiers and run badly in both of them.

I did look for excuses to start with; race 1 an 8 hour drive to get there the day before, race 2 standing around in the heat for an hour at a poorly organised registration.  Ultimately though I can’t be sure of either.

I had initially titled this post “Dealing with Failure” though that seemed too much.  We turn up at every race and compete as best as we can therefore if you have done this have you failed?  In the competitive environment of making Team GB in my age group I would say no.

It is a chance to have an honest reflection though which should be done.

Firstly I checked my training diary compared with last year, so a good reason to have one.  My overall training distances are similar or slightly more this year so nothing obvious there.  What is noticeable though is I have done more intensity sessions in recent time and missed the longer easier endurance ones.

This has been a result of my work environment being really busy as we have gone through a company merger.  I have fitted in short and intense and skipped long and easy due to time availability.

I also brought my daughters’ wetsuit to my race at the weekend and had to hire a surf wetsuit to swim in.  I would never have missed that small (stupid) detail last year.  It is time to properly focus.

I now have something tangible to address and started with a simple 1 hour run last night.  It is time to get some balance addressed in my training and life/work balance.

I have the Euro Sprint race in one month time and I’m going to arrive in the best shape I can be from here with no regrets to be had afterwards.


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