Well after getting my first DNF I now have 2 though this time from  my own stupidity!

After doing a bike crit race I moved my Stages crank from my road bike to my TT bike.  Whilst doing it I also changed the wheels and redid the gear restrictions on my daughters bike.

When I put the crank on my bike I “always” put it on with a standard allen key and then tighten it in place with a  torque wrench.  Unfortunately this time I missed out the torque wrench bit.  As I went round a right hand turn I pushed hard down on my left crank which then fell off the bike.

After realising nothing could be done to fix it I pushed my bike back the 3km I had ridden and then got on with the run.

This was supposed to be my last proper race before the first qualifier so it was annoying to not complete it due to such a stupid error.  The good new though was my swim went well and so did my run so all was not lost.

I guess this is why we do test races to practice things and learn from our mistakes.  This was a big one and one I won’t do again.

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