I did a detailed race report after the first Bowhill Duathlon (the short one) and said i was worried about the rest.  As it turned out I was right to be.  It seems silly to say they got harder but they did.

The medium race was OK.  The bike course stayed fairly non technical and the run course was similar so i felt I got a good training benefit from it.  I had a good brick session work out that was hard and came nicely in my schedule.

There was snow on the route and after a couple of crashes on my bike I made myself remember this race was a ‘C’ category race for me and wasn’t worth a long term injury for and slowed down slightly to be more sensible.

The long race was a whole different adventure. The bike course was technical and with (I found out on route) a dodgy bake brake it made the ride really difficult.

The run also never had a flat part on it and plodding up hills in 6 inch mud and carefully coming back down didn’t really give me the training effect i was looking for from the race.

I can’t fault anything about the race, organisation or atmosphere I just didn’t enjoy it.

What the race series did do was keep me doing some trail runs through the winter which was good but it would have been nice to have finished it off more positively.  A learning experience for next year.

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