As a coach you obviously spend a lot of times looking at individual athletes and helping them fix their own technique flaws. One of the things that is more difficult is to sort yourself out!

Why? Because you can’t watch yourself….though actually you can and with the help of a GoPro it’s not very difficult to do. The difficulty tends to be getting someone to video you. We’re all busy after all.

One big weakness I have in my swimming is my sinking legs. I have done a video analysis in the past when I did the SwimSmooth training course so I knew it was there. I’ve not ignored it but I haven’t focused on it to fix it partly because with a wetsuit it’s not as bad as in the pool. I have a lot of other things to fix in my swimming but sorting my body alignment should make a big difference.

I have done hundreds of video analysis sessions in the pool with our club athletes so it was time to turn the camera on myself with some help from my family on holiday.

Video Player


As you can see it isn’t pretty.

I set about working on it everyday in my holiday.  It is easy to get caught into a trap in triathlon of you don’t need to kick and save your legs for the bike and the run.  You can only dial, back your kick though once you have developed one in the first place, which I clearly haven’t.  I’m not looking to develop the kick for propulsion just for body position improvement.

So I did a lot of kickboard work (which I never do) and torpedo drill.

Why did I change and add in kickboard when I haven’t done it before

  1. Because I haven’t done it before so do something different to get a change
  2. It allowed me to kick for longer distance than the torpedo drill alone and really focus on the kick

So after 10 days this is where I am now

Video Player



Definitely an improvement but still a lot of work to do

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