“Getting through Christmas” makes it sound like a chore when really it shouldn’t be.

For most of us it is probably a 10 day holiday so even if you did absolutely nothing you aren’t going to lose a huge amount of fitness you may have built up already.  Though if you add in a lot of food and drink it could all start to add up!

As like every other day in your training schedule some planning up front can make it all a lot easier.  Look at key days where you have parties, are meeting friends or family, etc and change your training accordingly.

For me I try to plan my harder session on a day when I know I will be out in the evening.  This means the following day when I might not be feeling as bright as usual I can schedule an easy session and there is more chance of getting it done.

Plan your rest days so they fall on key times with your friends and family.  If you’re not a pro athlete who has to earn your living from winning it isn’t worth ruining special days for everyone, skip the session (pro athletes don’t want to ruin their family relationships either).

It seems to have become quite common over the last few years with more social media influence for people to “brag” about training on XMAS Day.  You don’t get any special powers training on December 25th!!

If you can and it works within your life and family then do it and enjoy it, if not then have a rest day.  I’m fortunate that as a family we all do Park Run together but I will run it with my kids not go for a PB.  I suspect in a few years I will have to run my PB to do it with my kids but fortunately haven’t got there yet.

For those of us with early season races that matter we will start to ramp up training after the holiday so make sure you are mentally and physically ready to get on with it.

Enjoy Christmas and enjoy your holiday.

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