I was fortunate at the weekend to go away with TriScotland as part of the coaching team for this years IRC event at Mallory Park which also included the U20’s triathlon festival and it proved to be a good learning experience.

The children seem to stay far more relaxed far better than adults in general before the race.  The have a good social aspect to their trip then switch in come race time.  we could learn from them.

The effort level is amazing.  I have never seen so many children being sick on a finish line.  You would think adults would show children how to push themselves hard in a race but not necessarily so.

As we move towards draft racing at Age Group sprint level it changes the dynamic of the race hugely.  This is maybe obvious but you have to see it across a large range of age groups (albeit junior) to really appreciate it.  If you can’t do a fast swim your race is almost over.  This is something we don’t get exposed to in Scotland due to lack of facilities for these type of races and will need a lot of practice moving forwards.

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