I knew this week was going to be hard as I was away on a 3 day business trip and had to coach when I was at home.  It was one of those weeks where you just have to accept you are going to get tired and catch up the following week.

On Tuesday I was up at 4am to go to Austria.  Once I arrived in was a full day agenda followed by a planned evening event.  I knew before starting there was no point trying to squeeze anything in so a rest day.

The following day meant getting up at 6.30 (5.30 my time) for a run around the lake in the picture.  It was pitch black and I didn’t see any of it.  Fortunately there are a handful of work colleagues who also run so there is always someone to motivate you to get out of bed.

After a late night with a pre planned event Wednesday I opted to swim instated of run.  It is only a 10m pool but it allowed for an extra half hour in bed after the previous two days of early starts.  It wasn’t a great swim but I just focused on technique and kept going around in circles.  For a weaker swimmer like me it just keeps the regularity going in the water.

Friday I was at home again but coaching in the evening.  I cycled to the pool and back just to do something.  Again it was only 30mins total there and back but better than nothing.

Saturday, Park Run in the morning and coaching again in the afternoon.

Sunday was a big day; 3hr ride, 45min track run session and a 3k swim.

By making the most of the limited time available and some good pre planning I had a reasonable week.


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