As a triathlete I of course like new kit and trying different things.  I had decided this year I would invest in a new wetsuit and move away from my entry level one I have used previously.

Being in the UK there are a couple of established brands I had been looking at hoping to get a good end of season deal when looking at a picture of some ITU racing I saw the Roka suit on Gomez.

After a bit of research I could only find good comments about it though was slightly wary as

  1. So few people have them in the UK
  2. I would have to order from a size chart and risk the wrong size
  3. Was I good enough for it (some comments suggested it would only benefit good swimmers)

As it turned out when I looked at the Roka website they were doing a 50% sale so I decided to take the gamble and went for theMaverick Pro.  One of the reasons I was prepared to take the risk is they do a 30 day return policy including being able to swim test it as long as you don’t damage the suit which seemed pretty awesome.

ROKA-Mens-Maverick-Pro-Wetsuit_grandeAfter a couple of weeks of nervous excitement my suit arrived.  I quick test fit in the house and all seemed good.  The sizing chart does cover a lot of heights and weights so I was reasonably confident.

As it is too cold now for OW swimming here a pool test would have to suffice.

I took my old suit and the Roka as I wanted to make sure for the money I was getting “free speed” as they describe it.  It isn’t free to me so I wanted to make sure 🙂

I swam a warm up and then planned to do some 100’s in normal swim jammers, old suit and then the Roka.  It isn’t the most scientific test but it would hopefully tell me enough.

As I said before swimming is not my strong discipline so I wasn’t sure what would happen though due to my sinky leg style I know I tend to be better in a wetsuit anyway.

100m FS in Jammers: 1min35s

100m FS in old suit: 1min30s

100m FS in Roka: 1min24s

Wow, I was impressed.  The technology marketing blurb really does work and I could tell in the water…and most importantly I have a faster time to prove it.

My body position was better and I really could feel better freedom of movement compared with my entry level suit.

Looking forward to Spring now and getting in the open water.

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