Peak Performance book review

I felt very fortunate to get sent a copy of Peak Performance.  I have followed Steve Magness blog as I have admired what he stands for as a coach and when the opportunity came to apply to review his new book with Brad Stulberg I applied to get a copy.  I was surprised and happy to get selected.  Even though I work for a large global company it still felt kind of weird being chosen by somebody from another continent you follow online and they don’t know who you are!

The opening introduction sets the tone for the whole book.  It begins with two stories about young aspirational people, how they performed well but maybe didn’t succeed as they would have expected in their chosen fields.  These two stories are both about the authors so you know for the rest of the book they have a passion for what they are talking about because they have been there themselves.  This use of real world stories to convey a message is used throughout the book and makes it a really easy enjoyable read.  It is now up to you to decide how much time you want to spend to consider the real messages being delivered.

For most people (in the UK anyway) they are coaching on a voluntary basis which means you also have a work life to deal with as well.  Peak Performance can assist you in improving areas of your coaching life and also your business one as well, and how to combine the two on a personal level.  It will not only give you ideas on how to coach your athletes better but also makes you reflect and how you manage yourself.

As a coach and as a student undertaking a Masters Degree in coaching I read a lot of material, some is very simple and some is so academic you struggle to get through the paper to understand what they want to tell you.  Peak Performance gets a good balance and it is a book I will end up referring back to refresh myself on some of the examples.  It is backed up with a conclusive bibliography of all the source material if you want to delve deeper into a certain topic which also lets you know there is some solid research behind the book.

The book takes you through a process; here’s why “stuff” happens, what can you do about and how to set long term plans to improve in the future.

As I said at the beginning I got send a preview copy.  This is a PDF document which means scrolling about on my tablet to be able to read the book.  If I hadn’t enjoyed the book I would not have got to the end.  As it is I will buy a copy so I can navigate through easier in future as I know I will come back to it.

I can recommend Peak Performance to anyone who is involved in coaching, business or just as a way of reflecting on a busy life and giving you some solutions to help do it better.

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