It’s now time to get back into some focused training which means putting a plan in place.

Before writing a plan you need to work out what time is available to you….don’t guess.

  1. When do I have to work/school/etc.  For me I theoretically work 9-5.  Reality is due to my job I am travelling a lot and it doesn’t work out that way but it’s a framework to start
  2. Next is family commitments.  When does my wife want to exercise (she would hate the word train) and when do my kids have stuff on
  3. When do I have to coach
  4. What space is left
  5. How do I want to balance that space.  As much as I would prefer to spend 7 days a week on my bike I need to focus more on my swim and run

I now end up with the following picture.  I have used a two week cycle as that fits in with my club swim coaching cycle.







I then need to look at the bigger picture and my timeframes to my ‘A’ races which is below (note I have put in some weeks in blue for holidays.  This may be a good training time or may mean other commitments mean you have none)







I have shown a traditional periodization model of Base – Peak which I will kind of follow.  What I am really going to be doing is working on my weaknesses and giving myself a reminder through each phase to make sure I’m in the right place and on track.

The next part is where it gets harder what will I do every week and every day.  I’ll look at that in more detail in another post.

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