I took part in the Eyemouth Sprint triathlon last week as an end of season race.  It is one I enjoy doing as the course is quite tough, though is nice and scenic in the harbour location.

I am not ” race fit” in that I haven’t been doing any real focused training but have been doing tickover exercise and would probably be called fit by most non triathletes!

I went into the race to enjoy it rather than achieve anything.  Obviously up to the point of someone saying “Go”.

What transpired was a good learning experience.

My lack of swimming at the moment is way off and causing me to slow down.  As I don’t have a background in swimming when I stop I lose it quickly.  I have also recently got the balance wrong between fitness over technique sessions so it is time to address it.

My T2 was really slow compared with the field and is something I have normally done well on.  I did have a faff with a shoe getting off the bike and it is a good reminder that this is a skill and needs to be practiced.

My run was 38th fastest (compared with 18th swim, 6th bike and 11th overall).  This highlights in an untrained state my run is weak and there is not an underlying base to it.  My swim and bike are adequate but the run is a huge penalty.

I knew this about my running last year and worked hard on it but I have not reached the point of being competent.

This week I hope to start planning my season schedule so I have a good idea where to focus.

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