I regularly take my running kit when away on business as it normally is the one thing that just works easily.

Hotel pools look great in the pictures then turn out to be 5m long and you can’t always bring your bike.

When you have your bike it’s great to be out on some quiet country roads though when running it can be not so comfortable.  Small ‘A’ roads with high hedges become a scary trap when you can’t see around corners which means the cars coming towards you can’t either.

You won’t always know what to expect when you get somewhere so always be prepared to drop back onto a tread mill in a hotel gym if necessary.  Don’t push your luck on the roads, and it’s not a pleasant run when you are hoping you just get back safely.

This is obviously a reminder to my self having done a dodgy 5km loop tonight in a new location and then back into the hotel gym to finish off!

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