For most of us we hate the thought of testing.

In a sporting context it can be even worse, not only may I do badly but it’s probably going to hurt doing it.  The thing is without it you don’t know how your training is progressing.

If you can get someone do it with you or be there to provide some encouragement.

The Run:  For me I use Jack Daniels VDOT method for training so I use Park Run as an easy way to get a 5K time.  You can’t get a PB every week so schedule in a day in your training program where you will turn up and know you’re going to give it your best effort.

The Bike:  I use the Hunter Allen and Andy Coggan method for measuring my power output and associated heart rate zones.  I do it on a turbo and requires a 20min hard sustained effort.  This is typically done alone and requires some good pre test mental preparation to commit to it.

The Swim: I use the CSS method for testing.  Again this is easiest to do in a club environment when you have people to push you on in your lane.

It doesn’t matter what method you decide to use as long as there is something in place to monitor progress or lack of.  This then gives you a guide for how to change your training plan and where to focus.

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