I have been asked quite a lot what the differences were between this year and last year so I thought I would share them

  • Better Planning

As I am self coached one thing you miss is a coach!  Someone who is going to question you as to have you got this session done and hold you to account.

Last year I planned every session of course but when work got in the way some sessions could drift.  This year as I did my planning I paid a lot closer attention to my work diary and planned around it.  I made sure the session I wanted to do was possible.

I also put every session into Tribase so I always could refer to it on my phone and not have any excuse as to what was happening.

  • Diet

I made an intention to lose some weight to be a faster runner.  I didn’t so much crash diet as made sure I was eating a diet that would sustain my training and have a slow weight loss.

I can’t remember ever being this light since school!

  • S&C training

I did some.  Previously I always felt I should do it but never fitted it in.  This year i signed up to a TRX class and went twice a week.  This core stability i’m sure helped me hugely once I got tired

  • Mental Preparation

I talked about it in my previous post about racing at Strathclyde after learning from Nottingham and last year.  I went into that race prepared to commit to everything.

I had always thought this in the past but now I look back and don’t think I really did.

It is a great positive for moving forwards.

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