S&C training is something I promote to all the athletes I coach yet it is the first thing I let slip in my own schedule.  I started last year with good intentions and never did what I wanted.  As I wanted to improve my run off the bike this year I was determined to do something about it.

I had bought a TRX trainer and was doing some work at home.  After some web research to look into it in more detail by chance I found an instructor Course taking place in the centre of Edinburgh.  This was being run by a TRX Master Instructor and there was a place in Edinburgh where you could train.

I decided to sign up for the course and I am so glad I did.  I found out how wrong I was doing it!

I now get a huge benefit from TRX which is translating into my training from the core  stabilisation (core not 6 pack) I am benefiting from.  I feel stronger off the bike and I’m holding my run time closer to my standalone 5km time.

One other benefit of finding the centre is I now do a class twice a week which motivates me to go and get 2 good 1 hour sessions every week.

I am also now qualified as a TRX instructor and can provide the knowledge to my club and athletes so they can get it right as well.



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