Train by DNA

I said in my coaching philosophy I believe in continual learning and being open minded and that is how I became a certified DNAFit trainer.  I think it is one of the most exciting opportunities for improving performance and improving training programs and the kit is available from my shop.

With a simple DNA test we can unlock the best way for us to train and provide the right nutrition our body needs.


  • Nutrition Test
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What I will not do is advise you to become a 100 meter sprinter instead of an endurance athlete.  When I first looked into DNAFit this was one of my own biggest worries on the information that was to be provided.

DNAFit is a short cut for your coach to give you the best advise and training plan in the fastest way possible.  We continue as part of the coaching process to still have a one on one to get your background, aspirations and goals.  The advantage with DNAFit is we already know the best way to get your body to react to a training program.  This is something as a coach we use our typically experience to do and tweak things over time based upon your results and bodies reaction to a training program.

With DNAFit we get there faster.

This means your training is better individualised from the start.

The best thing for you as an athlete is your DNA never changes so your result from one test is for life.  What we can change together is the environment you make those genes work in and reach your maximum potential.